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  PURPOSE:    This website is my sincere effort to help those people that have become enslaved to tobacco use, break their addiction and improve their life.  I got hooked on tobacco use at an early age.  My nicotine addiction was typical of any young person that makes the "choice" to try smoking.  It progressed slowly into a full blown addicition that eventually caused smoking induced lung cancer.  I smoked for over twenty years before I  was finally able to, after numerous efforts to quit, break my nicotine addiction.  Three years after I quit smoking I was diagnosed with lung cancer.  That was almost 26 years ago.  Today I am alive and well and to take a phrase from a popular Kenny Chesney song, " breathing in and breathing out is a blessing."   My story is told in detail at

I am an avid stock car racing fan.  I have been involved with Minicup and Baby Grand stock car racing for some time now and I really have enjoyed it .  This type of racing ususally involves younger people that are trying to hone their racing and driving skills on short asphalt tracks.  More information about the racecars and the series can be found at these two websites and www.mmraracing .com     
  OBSERVATIONS:  For many years the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company sponsored the Nascar stock car racing series with their Winston cigarette brand.   That sponorship was very successful financially for Nascar and R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.  The Winston cigarette brand became a product that the loyal Nascar fans used faithfully.  That sponsorship by its very nature was responsible for encouraging thousands and thousands of new tobacco users.  Thousands of folks that became addicted to nicotine and suffered illnesses and sometimes death from tobacco use.  

When the Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement was signed in 1998 the tobacco companies were banned from sponsoring, among other events, stock car racing. A major mistake on the part of the powers that initated and now enforce that agreement, in my opinion.  The tobacco companies were allowed to just walk away with their profits and still enjoy the fruits of their sponsorships through their now addicted customers.
It was proven that the tobacco companies knew about the additiveness of their products and in some circumstances tried to enrich the nicotine content.  They were let off the proverbial hook by the sponsorship ban.  They should have been forced through a mandate in the Agreement to give equal time and money to a racing program in an effort to educate their addicted customers about the true dangers involved in the use of their product and ways to stop that use.  Lucky for them that they were not forced to take such action.

 GOALS:  As I stated above it is my intention to help people that are addicted to tobacco use and nicotine, break that addiction.  There are millions of people out there that have wanted to quit smoking but have no idea how to do it.  Not all methods work for all people.  Not everyone knows the truth about why they smoke.  If they did know the reason that they smoke there is a good possibility that they could quit. Education is a powerful tool.  That is the reason that anyone wishing to quit smoking should learn as much as they can in order to break their nicotine addiction.  Any legal, ethical method that a person can use to break their nicotine addiction that does not harm themself or others should be used.  I will present all offers that I think may be of assistance in anyone's efforts to quit smoking.  However, one should evaluate their own needs and take a responsible approach in their efforts to quit smoking.  I do not guarantee or warrant the effectiveness or successfullness of any of the products.

Let me, for your information, give you one clean, clear key to a successful quit.  A successful quit smoking effort means that one never, ever takes another puff, drag or chew of tobacco products.

It truly saddens me when I see a young person light up and smoke a cigarette.  They have no idea that the action could begin a life time nicotine addiciton that can cause illness and possibly an early death.

Thanks for reading and  remember to breath in, breath out.

Best Regards,

Vic Johnson


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